Oh noes! It's teh gayz!

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"Democratic party politicians in Maryland have announced plans to legislate against surveillance of non-violent groups after a gay rights activists were targeted by state police.
Equality Maryland, a group with thousands of members, works to secure and protect the rights of LGBT Marylanders by promoting legislative initiatives at state, county and municipal level using professional lobbyists and legislative staff.
It was one of several non-violent groups deemed a security threat by the Homeland
Security and Intelligence Division of Maryland State Police, who kept dossiers on activists and protests.
State Senator Jamie Raskin is one of those proposing new legislation:
“The State Police are not Maryland's thought police," he said.
"Marylanders have a right to work for environmental protection, an end to the death penalty, marriage equality, peace, and bike lanes without being spied upon and called terrorists by law enforcement officials.
"Our bill will forbid covert tactics against our citizens unless there is specific reasonable suspicion that they are engaged in criminal activity.
"It will also forbid the Orwellian practice of keeping political dossiers on citizens that are not part of actual criminal investigations. At a time of staggering financial crisis, let's stop wasting our money spying on people nonviolently exercising their political freedom."
Police have said they will purge the existing files."
It's nice to see our basic rights being protected again.