Lies Women Must Tell

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This topic came up on a feminist's board. I shamelessly gleaned and condensed them here in no particular order.

1. I’m sorry for coming across so strongly.

2. The lie of omission, as in keeping one's mouth shut.

3. We can't get along in groups.

4. All women like children. And if you don't, there's something wrong with you.

5. Weight.

6. No, I'm really not hungry.

7. No, I don't want dessert.

8. Intelligence, as in dumbing ourselves down.

9. Our real hair colour, even in its glorious grey.

10. Physical strength and capabilities.

11. Competitiveness.

12. Math and computer skills.

13. I don't like sex/don't have a sex drive.

14. I don't like sports.

15. I love housework and all things domestic.

16. I am not angry/uncomfortable/upset/having any emotion other than bland vapid cheeriness.

17. I like and care about fashion.

18. I like and care about celebrity gossip.

19. I can't manage my own finances efficiently.

20. I know absolutely nothing about cars.

21. Age.

22. I can't be the sole/primary earner of the household without there being something wrong.

23. I have no sense of direction.

24. I have no political opinions. Or if I do, I can't disagree with a man in the room.

25. I don't have hair anywhere other than my head, brows, and lashes.

26. I don't have a single physical imperfection.

27. I don't have a single bodily function.

28. I am unable to make large purchase items alone.

29. I only want a man with a giant penis.

30. The only time a man is annoying is when I'm hormonal.

31. I have no accomplishments. Or if I do, I'm not proud of them.

32. I love shopping.

33. I prefer girly drinks.

34. I love shoes, especially high heels.

35. I prefer a man to drive.

36. I want a man to dominate the conversation.

37. I am a bad driver.

38. I am always watching my weight.

39. I hate other woman who might possibly be competition.

40. I love chick flicks.

41. I am happy to be with anyone, anyone at all because no one else will want me.

42. Being a stay-at-home parent is all the fulfillment and intellectual stimulation I need.

43. I don't mind being called pet names by male strangers.

44. I like being called a "girl," despite the fact I am an adult woman.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. And here I thought you didn't care so much about how the rest *men* of the world judged you *women*. Mirror those ideals and you would get a list of things that doesn't apply to most men either, just the loud ones who think their opinion is the only one that matters. Wow.