Burger King Commercial-Old is Bad

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Driving to work, listening to NPR when this Burger King commercial comes on. There's an older gentleman talking about his life and when people *gasp* actually used to make their own food! Naturally, it's in the much joked about manner of "uphill, both ways, barefoot, through the snow."
Then his alleged grandson interrupts with (highly paraphrased) "Yeah so? I got this greasy, fake little sandwich at BK for a dollar." In other words, don't bore me with how food is actually made and give me something fatty and cheap.
I was ranting about this the other day to Bronn, about how in our culture the old and elderly are not revered and instead we worship the young and dumb. Granted, not all the elderly are necessarily good or wise, but we should not dismiss them out of hand because of grey hair and wrinkles. Stop throwing away your money on "young again" methods, like Botox! Embrace who you are and how you got here, not what you used to look like.
That having been said, part of my extended hiatus has been due to health problems.