Go Arizona!

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"Two gay Arizona men have begun a voter initiative to legalize civil partnerships in the state.
Gino Meriano and Philip Cotton filed notice of the proposal with the Secretary of State’s Office, the first step to begin collecting signatures to have the question put to voters in 2010.
“This was a special moment and one that Philip and I will not forget, at last a new start and fresh approach for Arizona by bringing a new concept that will provide same-sex couples full and equal legal rights and protection that is well overdue,” Meriano said in a statement.
To get the question placed on the ballot they will need to collect 230,047 valid signatures.
If approved, the measure would provide almost all of the rights and obligations of marriage that are covered under Arizona law. That would include tax benefits currently available only to married couples, partner rights to determine each other’s care if one is unable to make medical decisions, inclusion in domestic violence laws and the ability to collect benefits after a partner’s death or to inherit a partner’s assets on death."
Unfortunately, I doubt that it'll go through. After all, this is the state that produced McCain. The majority of my friends are from Arizona, and I hear tons of stories about how conservative it is. And when I say conservative, it lives up to the stereotypes of the ignorant, redneck, shove-Christianity-down-your-throat Republican. Obviously, not all Arizonans fit this stereotype, after all, my friends came from there. But that is the prevailing atmosphere.