I love being a Witch...

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Because every time I start craving for the next book in The Hollows series, it's just about time for it to come out. It's like my spider senses are tingling.
Much better than Anita Blake, which is geared more towards 30-somethings and are really detective novels sexed up. And light years beyond Twilight, which is really the new Buffy for teens and early 20-somethings with no taste.
The Hollows has attitude, sex, kicking ass, and chock full of strong, independent feminine characters. It's not a love story in any way shape or form. Love is thrown in there in all its messy glory because that's how it happens in life.
I want to take Tonya up to Powell's for Kim Harrison's Oregon appearance.
From The Devil's Panties, who obviously has a slightly different opinion than I do on Twilight.