Vegetarian = gay!

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"(New York City) A Wall Street currency trader is suing his former bosses claiming he was subjected to homophobic slurs after he said he did not eat meat.
Ryan Pacifico worked in the New York office of Calyon in the Americas, a firm owned by Credit Agricole CIB of France.
According to Pacifico’s suit, filed in a Manhattan court, he was doing well at the company until he got a new boss.
The discrimination suit names the supervisor, Robert Catalanello, Calyon, and one
other employee.
Pacifico claims that after complaining about the slurs he was fired last March.
In papers filed with the court, Pacifico claims that when Catalanello learned the 28-year-old trader did not eat meat, he called him “a vegetarian homo.” The slurs continued when Catalanello saw a photo of Pacifico in running tights.
The court papers say that Pacifico is not gay and married, but that the law protecting workers from homophobia in the workplace extend to heterosexuals.
The company has not commented on the lawsuit. “They associated being a vegetarian with being gay,” Pacifico’s attorney Rick Ostrove told The Daily News. “It’s a ridiculous male stereotype that only real men eat meat.”
I like for their news and articles, but I really wish they'd get their terms right. They've referred to a bisexual woman as a lesbian, and now a vegan = vegetarian. And it's also a ridiculous stereotype that gay men aren't real men, either.