Hypocrisy: It's Your God-Given Right

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Let's examine this, shall we?
"The Shadow Justice Secretary has expressed support for an amendment to laws protecting lesbian, gay and bisexual people.
In May the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act created an offence of incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.
However, an amendment by Tory peer Lord Waddington, a former Home Secretary under Margaret Thatcher, was added to the legislation.
His amendment to the offence of using threatening language with intent to stir up hatred on grounds of sexual orientation said that urging someone to change their sexuality should not count "of itself" as threatening or as intended to stir up hatred."
Wait, so harrassing someone who won't "change" their sexuality to fit your religious ideals is perfectly ok?
"While Lord Waddington claimed his amendment was about "free speech," in effect it gives people leeway to claim they were just following their religious beliefs if accused of inciting others to hate gay, lesbian or bisexual people."
It's not ok for people to persecute me because I'm a Christian, but it's ok for me to persecute others because they're gay and my religion tells me to.
"Treatment such as this makes me ashamed of the system we seem to be creating in this country," said Mr Grieve.
Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay equality organisation Stonewall, said the Waddington amendment has no effect on the law and categorised it as "a bit of red meat for the Tory Right."
"You would not put a clause in saying it is OK to hate Jewish people," he said."
Hatred is not a virtue.
"Guidance will be issued making crystal clear the difference between the trivial causing of offence and the criminal incitement to hatred," said Mr Summerskill.
"There is a catalogue of cases cited by the Christian Institute last year, not one of which withstood scrutiny.
"It is distressing that some organisations that claim to be Christian do not put as much emphasis on truth as one would expect."