Consequences not condoms

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"All human actions have consequences, as we have seen amply illustrated in the world of money and economics. Bankers took risks that they thought they would never have to pay for; personal debts reached dismaying levels because borrowing and credit cards seemed easy. But consequences there will always be. And, as in the money markets, so in the field of personal relationships.
The spiralling rate of unwanted pregnancy – there are now 200,000 abortions annually, the highest number since legalisation in 1967 – as well as the exceptionally high rate of births to unsupported and very young mothers has prompted ever more energetic methods of addressing this problem. Schoolgirls in Oxford may now text the school nurse for morning-after contraception. Indeed, all women will soon be able to purchase this post-coital remedy in bulk over the internet."
This is the age old classic of, "I'm a hypocrite because I'll get up on my soapbox and tell you not to do what I did when I was your age because it's just wrong!"
She gets crazy points for comparing uwanted teen pregnancy to the recession. Then she proceeds to preach that we need to teach that actions have consequences, i.e. the threat of pregnancy rather than providing the tools and information to prevent said pregnancy and STD's. In other words, we should be warning teens, "Don't have sex because it's too risky" while shoving consumerism down their throats with promises of sex. Yes, because that has definitely worked in the past.
Evidently she doesn't have a problem with getting male erection drugs over the internet, but preventing teh babies 'n STD's is just wrong! Perhaps she's just miffed that we have accessible contraceptives?