I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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I got into a conversation with a friend about St. Patrick's Day recently. He is very into celebrating it, and I am not. We are both witches with Irish blood, so he thought that I was objecting to the Christian association with the holiday. Well, yes, to a point. But the deciding factors include the modern observation of it (i.e. the excuse to get drunk) and the lack of personal meaning.
He grew up celebrating it with his family, his mom making a big meal. For me, I just remember childish pinching. In my personal practices, Imbolc has more meaning for me in terms of my Irish heritage and traditions. And playing with fire is better than getting drunk, for me.
So it's not that I feel negatively about St. Patty's Day, it's more that I don't feel much about it. Effectively, it's the same to me as Arbor Day.