Eau de Geek

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"Jewellery company Genki Wear is about to launch a trio of scents (Tiberius, Red Shirt and Ponn Far) inspired by the original 1960s series of Star Trek.
Tiberius (which, as every fan knows, is Kirk's middle name) challenges the wearer to "boldly go" and is spiked with notes of "freshness and sensuality" – just like the great man himself. According to Genki, Kirk's aroma has sweet citron zest, black pepper and cedar as its top notes, and warm vanilla, white musk and sandalwood as its base notes. After all these years, perhaps this explains why the Starship Enterprise's captain had such an intoxicating affect on females of any species.
According to the book-jacket blurb of Captain Kirk's Guide To Women, "from gender-switching shape-shifters to emotion-deprived androids – they all swoon, acquiesce, and malfunction from just one kiss". So gents, if you fancy some action with an Orion slave-girl, drench yourself in Tiberius for the evening and beam yourself into another dimension of smell.
Red Shirt (tag line: "Because Tomorrow May Never Come") celebrates the often-nameless ensigns of the SS Enterprise who invariably died in the line of duty, while Ponn Far is a risque scent for ladies, named after the Vulcan mating ritual. Some Star Trek fans are against the idea, but most can't wait to smell like no man has smelled before."