Outrage of the Day-15 yo boy tasered to death

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"A 15-year-old boy died after he was shocked with a Taser gun in Michigan on Sunday...
A police news release stated that the boy – who has not been named – was shocked when he "attempted to fight" Bay City officers responding to reports of an argument between two males in an apartment. The boy was reported to have been in medical distress immediately after being shocked and was pronounced dead in hospital."
He was an unarmed 15 year old kid, how much trouble could he have possibly been to require a Taser by trained adults to bring him down? Hell, those of us in the BDSM scene with any sense don't/are hesistant to do electricity play above the belt because it takes as little as 1/10th of an amp to cause death. But our police officers can Taser anybody willy-nilly.