"Pagan" Attacks on Church

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"The congregation of a Grantown church has been alarmed by a year-long series of "pagan" attacks culminating in an incident in which a dead animal was used to deliver a message...
Like previous notes, the latest contained verses written in red felt tip and a drawing of an "all-seeing eye" symbol commonly seen in mystical and masonic use – comprising an eye above a pyramid. "There have been a series of pagan-style notes over the past year," said Mr Fishwick, who has been deacon of the church for the past 20 years.
"We had a meeting after the rabbit was found, and people were leaving two or three at a time. There was 10 minutes between different groups going, so we know the note appeared while we were in the hall.
"That makes us think that someone was watching the hall and could see when to come up to the door."
He added: "The last one was a warning that we shouldn't bring in the authorities. It had a drawing of the all-seeing eye and said: 'We are always watching you'.
"It seems to be the work of a bit of a crackpot. They only ever pick out our church; none of the others have had this, but we don't know why.
"The notes are heathen quotations: things like 'Your days are numbered', 'Wrongs remain unrectified' and 'Judgement has been passed'.""
Actually, themes such as judgement, fatal punishment, and justice tend to be a Christian meme. If there was a pentagram on the notes, or they were written in runes with dove's blood ink, ok, then they would be written in a "Pagan" style. (No, there is no actual blood in the ink. It refers to the incense/oil used and the colour). In my experience, I have never come across any Pagans that use the all-seeing eye. Although some New Agers have been known to use it. And Masonic practices are largely based on monotheistic traditions, according to my admittedly limited understanding.
Most likely someone who has had contact with the church in some way, such as a former member, had a bad experience or was unhappy with them in some way. And instead of confronting the problem/person in a healthy and sane manner, they wanted psychological revenge. Or perhaps a bunch of punk kids/Satanists messing with them. Or just a general nutter with enough coherence to plan.