Definitions of terrorism

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"[Palin] effectively redefined "terrorist" as "Bill Ayers", and then asserted to
judge whether anyone else is a terrorist exclusively by how closely they hew to
what defines Ayers as a terrorist. Thus, only if one campaigns to destroy public
buildings and innocent Americans (we'll come back to that one) are they in the
same "category of Bill Ayers". That's a wonderfully convenient way of defining
terrorism for Palin, who wants desperately to smear her opponent as a terrorist
sympathiser – not so great a method for the rest of us, who don't have any
investment in defining terrorists singularly by their resemblance to
Ayers.Second, she makes a careful note about the destruction of "innocent
Americans" – a caveat that seems drawn specifically to provide an exception for
people ("real Americans", perhaps) who blow up buildings full of not-so-innocent
Americans. Like, say, women getting abortions."

Read the whole thing.
Yes, blowing up buildings which contain perfectly legal practices with which you do not agree is perfectly ok, it's just freedom of speech. After all, it's to preserve the sanctity of life.