"Gendered" toys and children

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Sexism is alive and well. Don't believe me? Peruse the toy section of any store.

My children will not be given make-up kits. Why? Because they are beautiful as is. Soon enough society will be telling them they aren't pretty enough. That day will be staved off as long as possible.

Dress-up kits, particularly ones that encourage them to pretend to be doctors, teachers, astronauts, and other career-oriented fantasies are definitely ok. No high heels, however.
Pretty much any toy that is not educational, inspiring, positive, and/or encouraging to their overall well-being is completely out. Non-career oriented Barbies are out, Bratz are a oh hell no, BB guns are a most likely no at least until they're older, and nothing that primarily encourages violence towards others.

And no loud, obnoxious toys that require lots of batteries.

Yes, I will be one of those parents.