Isn't it ironic?

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Or should I say hypocritical?

Nevada Republican Dean Heller used the song "Big Spender" in an ad mocking his opponent. This was done illegally, that is, without permission. Now he's being sued.

"U.S. Rep. Dean Heller has been sued in federal court for using Cy Coleman's
Broadway musical hit song "Big Spender" in an ad mocking his opponent Jill
Derby. Coleman's estate, through his company Notable Music Co., filed suit
Monday after sending a letter asking Heller to stop using the song in his

Heller has run multiple ads on radio and television using both the lyrics and
melody of "Big Spender" to paint Derby as a liberal spender. Notable Music
Co. sued Heller and his media firm Texas-based Weeks & Co. The suit
alleges that Heller's campaign contacted the estate for permission to use the
song. The estate denied the request, saying they didn't want it used for
political purposes."

Funny, considering he himself is unable to pay off his campaign debts.

"Rep. Dean Heller faces a federal election complaint by a rural Nevada
resident with ties to his Democratic challenger, accusing the congressman of
illegally holding over $273,000 in debt owed to his political consultant from
the 2006 campaign.
The complaint, filed by Howard Herz of Minden. claims that
holding over the debt to November Inc., owned by Mike and Lyndsey Slanker, “is a
clear attempt to circumvent the FEC’s prohibition on corporate contributions to
federal campaigns and is, in my opinion, entirely unethical.”
The Slankers
now work for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is headed by
Sen. John Ensign of Nevada."