Obama sex perv scandal

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The National Enquirer's got another election bombshell for us: Obama Sex Perv Scandal blares the breathless headline in big, red, block letters. What could it be? Did he have an affair? Pay off a mistress?

No, he was actually mentored as a child by a Frank Marshall Davis who later admitted to writing in 1968 under a pseudonym "a hard-core pornographic autobiography…laced with perverted sexual activity, bisexuality, rape—and the seduction of children. …In his shocking tell-all, [Frank Marshall Davis] admits to seducing a thirteen year-old girl, voyeurism, exhibitionism, bisexuality, rape and sadomasochism." The Obama campaign response [pdf] goes into Obama's interaction with Davis.

Now, we all know how I feel that bisexuality and BDSM are nothing that needs "admitting" to as long as it's all consensual. That aside, the questions are as follows:

1. Why is this a scandal for Obama who was a child when he was mentored by Davis?

2. Shouldn't we be more concerned over whether or not Obama was victimized by Davis?