Kielbasa and Cabbage Soup

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I got this crockpot recipe from one of my online groups and it was delicious, particularly with my modifications. This is sized for my little crockpot, so you might have to adjust for a regular sized one. Just use your best judgement. It's a soup, it's not science like making bread.

1 can low fat, low sodium chicken broth (does NOT affect taste at all negatively)
1 cups cabbage, chopped
1-2 potatoes, cubed

The original called for carrots. I didn't have any, so I chopped up some purple onion because it was what I had. Well, technically I had Bronn do it because I can't do it: tears make it hard to handle sharp knives. He joked that it made it even more Polish. He should know considering "Bronn" is Polish for "John."

Kielbasa- I used low fat turkey. Again, no real effect on taste since turkey kielbasa is as good as pork or beef, just different.

The original called for thyme and basil, which to my utter astonishment, I had none. Seriously, I dabble in herbology and kitchen witchery. Maybe that's not shocking, then. My solution? Sage and savory. Surprisingly, I did not add pepper nor garlic. (Garlic's a great anti-infection, and I add it to everything possible. But would not have done well in the soup, I felt). Bronn hates pepper. Traumatic childhood experience.

As I was whipping up this concoction, I was drinking a Hornsby's Hard Apple Cider (the Apple kind not the Draft version). Look at the bottle, look at the soup. Bottle, soup, bottle, soup. Bottle goes into the soup. Not the whole thing, but a good splash. Don't worry, alcohol cooks out, especially in a slowcooker on low heat for several hours.

Served up with a slice of buttered, homemade wheat bread and another cold cider. Perfect for a chill autumn day.
Yeah, ok so I cheated and used a bread machine. It's the only way I can make non-unleavened bread.