Radical homosexual agenda

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A GOP mailer in NC asserts that Democratic candidate Kay Hagan, who's challenging Sen. Elizabeth Dole, will advance a "radical homosexual agenda" including "same-sex marriage, removing 'Under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance, and forcing the Boy Scouts to accept gay and atheist troop leaders." PageOneQ

Is it just me, or aren't these good things that aren't necessarily tied to a "radical homosexual agenda."

1. Gays/bisexuals just want to marry those whom they love. It's as simple as that. Same as you, same as Joe Schmoe, same as anyone with human feelings such as love, compassion, and care. It's not to "destroy the sanctity of marriage."
Some people, such as allegedly Marie Osmond, have claimed that gay marriage is ruining their marriages. My response? Obviously it's not such a great marriage if it's so easily influenced by people you don't even know. Because, you know, rushing into multiple marriages is certainly upholding the sanctity of marriage.

2. Not everyone in America has a belief in a Divine Entity. Yes, the majority of us believe in a Higher Power, but that's not necessarily God. And with the phrase "one nation under God" gives the impression that: "if you do not believe in a personification of a monotheistic deity then you do not belong to this country. You are not a real citizen." Not to mention the whole, separation of church and state thing.

3. I disagree with the Boy Scouts being based in religion, and as such, will not enroll any male children of mine into them without excessive begging. And I believe that as long as they are good role models and not child molesters, I'm perfectly ok with anyone leading a troop.