JC Penny's refused to do African-American hair

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"Brenda McElmore went to JC Penny's to get her hair dyed black and was
denied service.
According to KTLA, McElmore was told, "We don't do
African-American hair." She was then directed to elsewhere for hairstyling
needs. For McELmore it triggered a time of growing up under Jim Crow laws,
wherein blacks were routinely denied services based on the colour of our
skin. She has since filed suit against JC Penny. The company
responded by sending the
following letter.
"Let me apologize again for the customer service experience you had in our store. As we discussed, our salon receptionist felt that we did not have the technical proficiency... to perform the service you required. She may
not however have expressed this to you in a way that was not offensive. For this I again apologize. Because customer service is ... so important to our company, we would rather not attempt the service if we cannot perform it as required."

Isn't that beautiful lawyer speak for your hair is too nappy and untamable to deal with. The woman wasn't asking for a hair treatment, or a hair style that was specifically Afrocentric, she was asking for a damn dye job. If the salon does not have someone there that can colour hair, then they are not a hair salon."

Honestly, knowing my inside experiences with Penny's, I'm not at all surprised.



From everything I have been told by other hair stylists, black hair is so much easier to work with than white hair but way easier to damage or burn up. I have seen more black women with messed up hair even from black hairstylist than white women with messed up hair. When I say messed up I mean hair falling out, bald spots, etc. I know if I were black and they didn't know how to treat my hair I wouldn't want them to attempt it. Sometimes it isn't racist.