Drunken idiots

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You know, I've always been tempted to carry around a paintball gun. Think of the uses: the neighbour's annoying yappy dog, jerks who cut me off, those One Man/One Woman bumper stickers (my love life is none of your business), and other annoyances. But I have never, EVER stooped so low as to actually vandalize someone's property... Unless you count toilet papering public property as a kid.

"I am considering driving it around Austin town just like this until election day as a political statement."Burnt Orange Report's Wagwa, whose car was trashed Sunday night.

"My "Obama 08" bumper sticker was torn off the right rear bumper, a 20-lb rock
was dropped through the back window, 2 stolen Obama yard signs were shoved
through the gaping hole in the window, and a cryptic almost "OBAHA" (or
something...) was scrawled in orange spray-paint on the drivers side front and
back doors and windows."
Evidently drunken Republican idiots can't spell. Why am I not surprised?