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"Rusty Lee Freeman, aka the Rev. Rapid Cabot Freeman, has been arrested for
stalking a Norwich teacher.
Freeman appeared in a story in The Day Tuesday,
claiming he was a victim of religious discrimination in Sprague.
The first
selectman, he said, had thwarted his plans to perform a demonstration of
witchcraft for kids and their parents in that town's public library on
But no sooner had the story appeared in The Day than Norwich
police, who'd been seeking him on a warrant since July, arrested and charged him
with second-degree harassment of Kelly Hajduk."

In short, this guy is a nutjob. And I feel that the victim of his harrassment had every right to protest his display without being religiously discriminating. However, if other faiths had done similar "demonstrations," then I could agree with his charge. But that is not the case.
If you actually read through the article via the link above, you'll see that this is only one part of a soap opera.