Fat people are to blame

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“(Arnold) Schwarzenegger and Obama need to get together and fight obesity. Fat
people are just getting fatter and fatter and they’re killing the economy as
well as themselves.”

–Mort Kondrake, The Beltway Boys, Fox News via William K. Wolfrum Chronicles
Funny, you'd think that we are actually helping the economy what with all the food we eat, the larger sized clothing we require (which is more expensive), the fact that we can't walk more than a block without wheezing and so have to drive everywhere and using more gas, all those doctor's visits because of our failing health, which are out of pocket because insurance won't cover us, the outrageous diet plans we try, the gym memberships we never use... If you think about it, we are the ones saving the economy!
It's the skinny ones that are destroying the economy! They don't eat, they jog instead of going to the gym, they walk everywhere and don't use gas, are so healthy they don't need to go to the doctor, or when they do they're covered by insurance and so are sucking the money out of the insurance industry.
Get fat and save the economy. It's your patriotic duty.