Fox News Channel Watch

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Over at William K. Wolfrum Chronicles, he's taking one for the team by watching Fox News and reporting the idiocy. Here are some gems:
"5:31 a.m.: If Democrats win a 60-seat majority, it will be a “Dark cloud over Wall Street” says Fox News financial advisor Charles (R), who also mentions that the U.S. pays he highest corporate tax in the world “higher than Cuba.”
Note: A 2005 study showed two-thirds of corporations paid no taxes whatsoever."

"6:31 a.m.: Carlson makes horrifying sexual innuendos as they talk about the candidates lucky charms. McCain is seriously superstitious. Palin is too religious to have lucky charms."

"7:06 a.m.: Obama will kill the coal industry! Coal industry officials only heard about Obama’s devious plan on Sunday, even though Obama made these statements 10 months ago. The quote has now morphed from “New, non-clean technology coal plants being built will be bankrupted” to “Obama will bankrupt the entire coal industry.”
(Bill: Shockingly, they totally glossed over the fact that McCain supported the exact same thing."

"7:41 a.m.: Brian Wilson of Fox News talked to people in diners. The national and state polls are wrong."

"8:03 a.m.: A McCain spokesman said the election may not be decided today. Fox News is parroting this line as if it’s verbal heroin. Carlson points out that polls are always wrong and that they’re stupid and that you’re stupid for listening to them. That said, some polls say this race is really really close.
(Me: Polls aren’t always wrong. They’e usually right.)"

"8:38 a.m.: The Obamas are voting RIGHT NOW!!!!! Probably for themselves. They are so in the bag for Obama it’s sickening.
8:41 a.m.: It’s taking the Obamas several minutes to vote. They are totally politicizing this.
8:45 a.m.: Obama carries a lucky “Hindu Monkey God” for luck. Hint, hint. Wink, wink."

And more silliness.