More Fox News funnies

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"10:32 a.m.: Still talking about how the GOP is being intimidated by being forced to go by the same rules the Democrats are as far as poll watching in Philadelphia. On a lesser note: Voting machines in Pa. are all messed up, and some polls don’t have regular ballots available. But Fox News can’t verify that, so don’t sweat it."

"10:39 a.m.: Who would have thought there would be problems with voting machines in Virginia?"

"11:38 a.m.: Bill Sammon: If McCain can win every single state he’s currently trailing in, we could see an Obama-Palin White House." Duh, really?

"12:58 p.m.: In N.C., Shawn the Plumber says he shouldn’t have to spread his wealth. He doesn’t really understand Obama’s economicplans, but he knows he’s against it."

"1:09 p.m.: Bill Sammons: “There is a statistical bias for Democrats in exit polls.” The reasoning: Republicans are assholes who can’t be bothered."