On Obama's winning speech

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He showed a great amount of class in his respect for McCain and his hopes that they could work together in the future, which was extended to all Republicans in general.

Despite the fact that he ended his speech by invoking his God, I felt included and respected for my differences. He did this by noting the we citizens are not all the same, nor do we fall into conveniently labeled boxes or camps. He knows that we as a nation are far more complex than the "us or them" mentality which has prevailed for the past eight years. We are not homogenous, which makes us that much more difficult to lead than if we all fit into cookie-cutter molds. It takes a great man to realize this and work with this, rather than trying to make us into happy little Ken and Barbie dolls.

The new puppy for his daughter and reference to his grandmother were total "awww" factors.

The cynic in me wonders how long before far right wingnuts interpret his references to his "brothers and sisters" as Islamic innuendos. The cynic in me was also happily proven wrong in that voters, particularly us of the younger generation, are not apathetic as proven by the record voter turnout.

I am also pleased to see his encouragement of patriotism tempered by responsibility and accountability, which I feel has been lacking as of late.

Recognizing his limitations as a person is far more reassuring than McCain's "I can do everything" attitude. How so you ask? I would much rather have a president who knew his limitations and when to ask for help and/or bring in an expert than someone who thinks he knows what's best without listening to the facts and opinions from people who might know more than he does.

The optimist in me hopes that having elected our first African-American president will go a long way towards eliminating racism. The cynic in me worries about assassination attempts.

As we watched the coverage last night, Bronn mused, "Security must be pretty high."

I said, "I certainly hope so."