Sexism in Magazines

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Reave noted in a response to this rant that rampant sexism is expected in certain magazines and articles. That is part of the problem, by convincing people that sexism is acceptable in certain spheres it's continuing the problem. It's ok here, but not there. That's like saying that racism is appropriate, but only in the South. It's not ok anywhere.
To make it even worse, magazines that are women-oriented are some of the worst culprits! "Hey ladies, you need to center your life around a man! Bake and clean for him, but starve yourself!"
Some will say, "Then don't read it." If so, then they are missing the point. I have a zero-tolerance policy for anything and anyone who demeans me and my lifestyle. But if/when I spawn, I refuse to let the world continue as it is. Even if I don't, children being brought into this world deserve so much better. We deserve better.


Anonymous said...

In my defense, I didn't say it was ok. I said I wasn't surprised. :D I found the implicit endorsement of family-on-family spying both offensive AND surprising, so I chose to rant about that angle.


SLiver of Jade said...

Of course you didn't say it was ok, but those types of articles are things that we as a society have come to expect from certain places. And it got to me to thinking about why compartmentalizing our bigotry is ok, when it shouldn't be.