Why I shouldn't watch Bill O'Reilly

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"Exit polling shows most Obama voters supported him because they are worried and
angry about the economy. That fear overrode ideology, Obama's dubious associations, and his very liberal voting record. So there is no question Americans want Barack Obama to concentrate on improving the economy first and foremost.
With a very unpopular Bush administration and disaster for Americans who honestly invested in stocks and bonds, McCain had only one chance to win: become a crusader for the folks, promise to punish those who have perpetuated this massive financial fraud. But Senator McCain would not take that position. So he lost to a man who simply ran on one word: change. Yes, but what kind of change?"
Yes, Obama managed to hypnotize us all with the word "change" and didn't actually have a plan. He has nothing about the environment, safely pull us out of Iraq, security, tax breaks for the average American, and certainly nothing about women's rights.
I know I really shouldn't watch O'Reilly, but I can't help it.