Court to Decide If New Age Group has Right to Erect Monument in Public Park

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"Salt Lake City-based Summum filed suit after the city of Pleasant Grove, Utah, refused its request to erect a monument depicting its “Seven Aphorisms” in a park that contains a monument featuring the Ten Commandments, which was erected by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1971."
If they are going to have tenets of one religion posted in a public space, then they have to allow the tenets of another. End of story. Even though nothing religious, let alone permanent, should be displayed in a place supported by public funding.

And then there is this little gem"
" “I just think that is so wrong,” Bopp,.general counsel at the James Madison Center for Free Speech, said in response to Ritter’s remarks. “This whole myth about a separation of church and state comes from a letter Jefferson wrote, not from the First Amendment." "

Funny, being an alleged lawyer and all you would think that he would know that the First Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the exercise thereof..." Now, just in case anyone gets it in their head that the government would be prohibiting said exercise of these religions in banning their displays in public spaces let me say this: Touting your beliefs in highly public areas is not EXERCISING your religion, it's turning it into a spectacle.

On the other hand, if Christians are allowed to display their monument and the New Agers are not, then I would say that would be outright discrimination and send in the ACLU.

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