I really am turning into my mother...

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because I seem to be one of the few who is touting respect and basic courtesy towards Republicans, in the same way Obama has. I have left an internet forum or two because even though the rules clearly stated "Be Nice," they insisted on referring to Republicans as "Repugs" and other unpleasantries.
A friend of mine complained that a mutual friend and Republican had McCain and Palin plastered all over her profile. I said to him, "Last time I checked it's called MYspace and she has that right." If I find it annoying, I am certain that she found my excessive liberal and anti-McCain posts equally so.
We are all tired of how we have been treated as non-citizens and unpatriotic for the past eight years. Yes, it is nice to be on the winning side. But it doesn't mean that we should stoop to their level. No, we don't like it when people steal our yard signs so we shouldn't do it back to them. If you disagree with someone, don't resort to personal attacks and namecalling. Back it up with facts. I have friends and family who are Republican, and sometimes we just have to agree that we have vastly different views. We both care for America, we just have different ways of going about it.
I am practicing what I preach. As I mentioned above, I posted extensively on Myspace and at least one of my friends on there is a Republican. Let's call her L. She did not respond to any of my posts, not even to refute any of my anti-McCain/Palin articles. When L began to post pro-Republican/anti-Obama articles, I commented fairly heavily with refutations and clarifications. Pretty soon, I stopped. L had not been doing any of that to me. Instead, she let me be. I realized that it was hardly fair to attack her posts without provocation. Today, rather than gloating, I sent her a short and simple email conveying understanding and mutual hope.
In short: be gracious and nice to people. We know what it's like to be attacked for our political beliefs, and they are people, too.
If you don't, I will turn this car around!