Outrage of the Day Part 2- More fun in Myanmar

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"A Spanish court has convicted two men of killing a homeless woman by setting her on fire and sentenced them to 17 years in prison.
The court in Barcelona has found the men guilty of aggravated homicide in the death of the 50-year-old woman in 2005. At the time, both men were 18.
Prosecutors said the woman was trying to sleep inside a bank lobby next to an ATM machine when the suspects drenched her with a flammable solvent and set it ablaze with a cigarette. The suspects told the court they did not mean to kill the woman, just harass her. But the court said Tuesday they had acted with malice and knew their actions had "a very high probability" of killing her.
An other suspect, 16 at the time, was convicted earlier and sentenced to eight years."
Madrid, Spain.

"Courts in military-ruled Burma delivered a devastating blow Tuesday to the country's pro-democracy movement, sentencing at least two dozen activists to harsh prison terms including 65 years behind bars.
Fourteen people from the Generation 88 Students group received 65-year terms, while 10 rank-and-file members of a provincial branch of the opposition National League for Democracy party were given eight to 24 years.
The activists were apparently all involved in protests last year that led to massive pro-democracy demonstrations, which were put down with force by the army.
According to U.N. estimates, at least 31 people were killed and thousands of demonstrators detained. Many fled the country formerly called Myanmar or went underground."

More fun in Myanmar.