Purity Balls

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"Purity balls can vary in many particulars, but fathers who attend typically pledge to protect their young daughters' purity in mind, body and soul. Daughters are expected to remain virgins, abstaining from pre-marital sexual intercourse."
Creepy much?
This about says it all:
"When you sign a pledge to your father to preserve your virginity, your sexuality is basically being taken away from you until you sign yet another contract, a marital one...It makes you feel like you’re the least important person in the whole equation. It makes you feel invisible."
I wouldn't say invisible so much as like property. And what about young men? Are young men signing over their minds, bodies, and souls to their fathers? Oh, of course not, because only women are weak-willed. And as long as the girls are kept under control, then they won't be tempting those poor boys.

I need a drink.