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I've been having health problems off and on for the past year, this past month they got really bad. Eczema, which I usually have small problems with, from head to toe. My eyes swollen, red, and itching like fireants crawled into my tear ducts. Finally, my doctor sent me to an ophthamologist to figure out what it is.

Allergies. Huzzah, now I know what it is and I can figure out the triggers and avoid them, right?

"Oh, you'd have to go see an allergist and they'll just prick you full of holes. I'm guessing that you're allergic to basically everything, so you're better off with these drugs."

My response: "I don't mind needles, and I'd rather know what I'm allergic to and try to avoid it." I say this as I'm looking at him through tiny slits because my eyes are nearly swollen shut.

This reminds me of dealing with doctors and my eczema all these years. They vaguely mentioned once or twice that it might be attributed to allergies, particularly food, but instead of figuring it out they say, "Here just take these STEROIDS instead."

And some people wonder why I'm attempting to phase out all chemicals out of my home.


Anonymous said...

*Twitch* The pill fetish of modern medicine drives me nuts. I've obviously studied biological systems a LOT, enough to know that in most cases fixing system problems with pharmaceuticals is a lot like trying to fix your computer with electroshock treatments...all you are really doing is slamming the system with an incredibly powerful signal and hoping it makes it all better. In some cases, like diabetes, the problem is very simple, a deficiency in a single identifiable chemical, and pills/injections work just dandy. But anything having to do with hormones or the endocrine system is so complicated it makes your computer look like an abacus. One pill doesn't fix that stuff, you need to find the root of the problem, just like you said. And that's my SCIENTIFIC opinion. :D
~Reave, spreading his annoying presence further